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Puglia / Chiaromonte
Place: Acquaviva Delle Fonti (Bari)
Square: 33
Quantity: 100 000
Owner: Nicola Chiaromonte
Agronomist: Nicola Chiaromonte
Enologist: Nicola Chiaromonte


The story of Chiaromonte goes back to 1826 to grandparents of Nicola Chiaromonte who started the winery by cultivating just 3 hectares of vineyards and olive groves. Current owner - Nicola Chiaromonte, started working in the winery when he was a child and learned everything from his parents and grandparents.

Today as the owner and the winemaker, he continues to manage the winery following the guidance of his ancestors and combining it with modern technologies in a perfect fusion of tradition and innovation. 

The winery now owns 32 hectares including cherry orchard, olive grove and vineyards.
Chiaromonte believes in respect for the area and focuses on the quality of their grapes: every vineyard is cultivated in a special way depending on the characteristics of the soil; manual harvest warrants the quality of selected grapes without making any damage to the vine.

The main grape variety for the red wines is Primitivo and for the white - Fiano Minutolo (ancient grape that allows to make fresh aromatic white wine).

One of the Primitivos the winery makes is kosher certified (Primitivo ‘Emi’).

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