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Liguria / Rosadimaggio
Place: La Spezia
Square: 8 He
Quantity: 38 000 bottles
Owner: Riccardo Arrigoni
Agronomist: Andrea Arrigoni
Enologist: Gabriele Gadenz


Arrigoni family has been involved in wine making for four generations now, first in Liguria and later in Tuscany.

In Liguria the family owns two main estates: in the area of La Spezia and in Cinque Terre.

In La Spezia Estate the winery produces main Ligurian wines: Vermentino and Rossese.

Vermentino in different clones, from the most ancient from the old plant to the course very distinctive, with a few rows of Rossese of Arcola for a vein of aciidità most important for the backbone of the wine. It 'made ​​to a vineyard amphitheater, which receives the morning sun waking up from the slumber of the night cool and breezy, then storing all the sun until the last ray of the evening before bedtime.

The other estate of the winery, in Cinque Terre, is considered a triumph of effort, but also the beauty of nature, which has plenty of time to give dimension to a unique thing in the world. Terraced hills for thousands of years, with these walls that seem to scream their effort in maintaining the earth stops made ​​of rock chopped and shredded by time, sun, wind.

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