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Piemonte / Massimo Rivetti
Place: Neive (Cuneo)
Square: 25 He
Quantity: 176 000 bottles
Owner: Massimo Rivetti
Agronomist: Massimo Rivetti
Enologist: Roberto Cipresso

Massimo Rivetti

Located in the municipality of Neive the winery has been owned by Rivetti family since 1947 who have always been devoted to wine production. The wine cellar is surrounded by 12 hectares of vineyards, and is one of the oldest structures in the area (mentioned in the military maps at the end of 1800). The vineyards are favorably exposed to South and South-West and are located in two subzones specifically nominated for the production of Nebbiolo, called RIVETTI and SERRABOELLA; where Nebbiolo, Barbera and Moscato vines with age between forty and seventy-five years are cultivated.

Harvest is done only by hand and only the best fruits are selected at the moment of the top maturity followed by an accurate selection without any compromise. Only yeasts naturally present on the skins of the berries are used, in order to obtain the wines that reflect the territory. The very minimum amount of sulphates might be used and only when really necessary. Red wines, generally, are bottled without any filtration in order to maintain all the qualities of the grapes. The winery follows traditional vinification method using big Slavonian oak barrels for ageing the wines.

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