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Sicily / Scilio
Place: Giarre (Catania)
Square: 22 He
Quantity: 79 000 bottles
Owner: Famiglia Scilio
Agronomist: Francesco Ancona
Enologist: G.Chiettini

Società Agricola Scilio 

For last five generations members of the Scilio family have continued to cultivate their vineyards on Sicily’s famous volcano “Etna”, producing high quality wines.

The grapes grown in Valle Galfina are the product of both the older vines and a more recent replanted vineyards that lie in harmony on Etna’s unique and fertile “terroir” on the north-eastern slopes of the volcano.

1815 is the date hewn on the lava stone and commemorates the first grape harvest of the estate. Since then year after year, each generation respected traditional attention and passion to producing the wines. 

The result are wines with a strong personality, an inebriating reflection of the volcanic terroir, appreciated for the balance and elegance that makes them unique.

Favourable peculiarity of the volcanic soil, the particular microclimate, the cultivation of the indigenous Etna grapes (Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio, and Carricante) together with a low yield per hectare produce grapes of excellent quality.

Decisive factor is the method of cultivation, rigorously organic. The result is a more intensely aromatic grape as well as a total respect to health and environment.

Carefully selected, grapes are hand picked only at complete maturity, and separately processed according to each vineyard. The wines undergo a delicate refining phase following the most modern winemaking techniques to best develop correct balance and harmony from each particular grape variety.

Mount Etna and Tenuta Scilio vineyards create picturesque scenery surrounding the Valle Galfina Wine Hotel. A perfect setting on the Scilio wine estate that for generations have produced Etna’s unique wines.

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