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Sicily / Cummo
Place: Canicatti (Agrigento)
Square: 50 He
Quantity: 166 000 bottles
Owner: Diego Cummo
Agronomist: Diego Cummo
Enologist: Diego Cummo

Cummo – Casa Vinicola Sicania

Cummo – Casa Vinicola Sicania - was created by a young entrepreneur, Diego Maurizio Cummo, who inherited his family winemaking tradition developed under the guidance of his paternal grandfather.

Since the Second World War, his grandfather Diego, has taken some land in sharecropping where Inzolia, Catarratto and Nero D’Avola were planted, lands that were in the district of Carbuscia-Arbiata in the territory of Naro and were subsequently bought and divided to the seven children of Mr. Diego.

With time passing, in the 70s, Mr. Calogero Cummo (son of Diego and father of Diego Maurizio) together with his brothers has built an oenological establishment in the district of Spagnolo, territory of Naro, where was produced wine for the big wine industries in the northern Italy.

Later Calogero Cummo has taken over the establishment individually, has continued the production and planting other vineyards as well as autochthonous and non-autochthonous like Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. The son of Calogero, Diego Maurizio, continues the activity of wine making following the trail of his father and grandfather. In 2001 he buys a farm in the district of Ferlazzano and produces wine and creates his own label with the characteristics typical of Sicily: colours, structure and fragrance.

Today vinification takes place with respect to family tradition together with the use of modern technology: the grapes crushing is done with the use of soft presses to avoid the high temperature to damage the product. The harvesting is done at night when the temperature is around 22/25ºC; the fermentation take place at controlled temperature by refrigerating in underground tanks in orderc to keep the perfume and aromas.

The life cycle of the vine and grapes is followed by Maurizio with the help of an agronomist to ensure that the raw material, the grapes, is of good quality and has the correct parameters of pH, acidity and colour that determine the balance and the body of the wine. The vineyards are located in a territory that, thanks to favourable weather conditions (low humidity, proper ventilation and solar heat) ensures the production of a genuine product of the highest quality and avoiding the use of chemical substances.

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