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Toscana / Montemercurio
Place: Montepulciano (Siena)
Square: 25 He
Quantity: 39 500 botties
Owner: Paola Luciani
Agronomist: Stefano Dini
Enologist: Emiliano Falsini

Azienda Agricola Montemercurio 

During the Roman Empire the town of Montepulciano was called Montemercurio and this is where this estate derives its name from. Mercurio was known as the messenger of the Greek gods and a temple to him was dedicated nearby.

The current owners of the winery are Paola Luciani and her son Marco Anselmi and the entire project is a dedication to the dear grandfather, Nonno Damo Anslemi. One of the main wines produced my Montemercurio is called in the honour of Damo.

Montemercurio vineyards lie on south west exposure at the altitude of up to 450 meters. On 7 hectares of land a little more than 30 000 bottles are produced annually. The vines are as old as 65 years and only estate grown hand harvested grapes are used. The winery is certified organic and every effort is made to make the wines as natural as possible. Only local native yeasts are used, with minimal to no filtration in order to preserve the wines truest expression and purity of the fruit. After traditional long maceration and fermentation the wines are aged in large Slavonian oak barrels.

To learn more about Montemercurio please visit the winery website