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Liguria / Giobatta Bio Vio
Place: Albenga (Savona)
Square: 6 He
Quantity: 51 000 bottles
Owner: Giobatta Aimone Vio
Agronomist: G. Guido Restieri
Enologist: Daniela Serra

Giobatta Bio Vio

At a certain point in his life Amione Giobatta Vio decided to build a wine estate in his native village, Bastia d'Albenga. He restructured and joined together decaying buildings destined to let their indefinable charm fade away with time. On the ground floor, he created the cellar )with care to the finest detail) - it is where the wine making and bottling take place, the very heart of the estate. Next door is the cosy tasting room, the realm of his wife Chiara or - with an enchanted although fleeting presence - of one of their three beautiful daughters: Caterina, Camilla and Carolina.

The winery was started in the sunny hinterland of Albenga in 2000 and within a few years the wines became very popular with the best wine shops and restaurants in Liguria and beyond. Excellent results achieved prompted to expand and modernise the cellar.

One of the main wines produced is ‘Pigato’ – indigenous grape from Liguria – and the aim is to make Pigato ‘the wine the way the ancestors used to make it’, hence its name "Bon in da Bon" (from the Ligurian dialect meaning "Really good!").
The winery is certified organic by ICEA since 1999.

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