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Friuli-Venezia Giulia / Dario Coos
Place: Nimis (Udine)
Square: 10 H
Quantity: 20 900 bottiglie
Owner: G. Cristofoletto
Agronomist: Dario Coos e Andrea Pittana
Enologist: Dario Coos e Andrea Pittana

The Coos family has been making wine on the hill slopes at Ramandolo since the early 19th century. In other words, five generation of Coos passion for the fruits of this land. The winery today is run by a group of friends with a passion for wine, knowledge of the times, the season and the actions that lead to excellence.

The winery’s philosophy is to give meaning to tradition and traditional technique in the quest for the original, authentic Ramandolo, using new approaches and ancient materials.

As they say around here, “every grower gets the fruit he or she deserves” – with the skill and wisdom that inspire Ramandolo’s soul and its future.

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