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Emilia-Romagna / Torre Fornello
Place: Ziano (Piacenza)
Square: 60 He
Quantity: 45 000 bottles
Owner: Enrico Scarbati
Agronomist: Enrico Scarbati

Torre Fornello

The history of Fornello’s land goes back almost as far as 10 centuries, when the historical document from 1020 stated that Diacono Gerardo of St. Martin Clergy bequeathed the land to a noblewoman from Piacenza.  Since then many years have passed and many changes have been made to this land. The rural settlements started to be built in 1200. One of the first ones was the masonry oven, where the lime stones from the Calcianara area and Creta village were prepared. Nowadays, instead of the stone oven you will find beautiful wine trees in this area, the ownership of Sgorbati family.

Around 1400 the main tower, the manor house and its outbuildings were built.  The estate that we see today on Fornello’s land remains intact supposedly since as early as 1862.

In 1982 the company became the property of Sgorbati family, family with the longstanding history of winegrowing. Enrico Sgorbati, the owner of the company since 1992, followed the steps of his vintner grandfather and decided to start the new era of Torre Fornello in 1998!

All the processes of the wine making are carried out in accordance with original values of Torre Fornello, combining passion and tenacity, tradition and innovation, art and culture. 

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