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Welcome to DV Club – a club for those who love wine and want to know more about it!

We created DV club in order to share our passion for wine with those who appreciate the story behind each bottle of wine and special moments that wine can create.

All our wines come from small producers in Italy and are the result of a long history, family traditions and hard work. We are proud that we can be embassadors of these values in the UK via the wines that we present in our portfolio.

Club members receive:

  • ​Discounts and special offers

  • Exclusive invitations to wine tasting events

  • Regular tasting notes, updates and interesting facts about wine

  • Independent advice about wine when you need it

How it works
1 / Choose the case of wine based on your preference.

2 / Tell us when you want  to receive it and pay only then

3/ Receive your case of wine with comprehensive tasting notes

Why Join the club
Flexible membership

Easy to swap, skip or add cases

Exclusive wine selection

You can find our wines only in some restaurants in London or directly in Italy.

Organic and natural

A number of our wineries are producing organic and natural wines. We also have Low Histamine wines for those who are allergic to histamines.

Affordable prices

Keenly prices wines as we ship directly from Italy

Classy or sassy

We specialise on Italy and can offer a variety of 'classic' well known and loved wines but will always have something to 'surprise' you with.

Ask us anything

Our wine experts are always there to give you wine advice.

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